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Nick Wealthall

Nick Wealthall is one of the best known poker broadcasters in the UK. Many years ago he ran away from his proper job in the city to live in Vegas and earn a living as a poker player. Since then he has combined his career as a writer/performer with his love of the game. He is currently hosts and commentates on a number of poker projects including the European Poker Tour and other TV poker content. He also writes columns for two of the biggest poker magazines in the U K and hosts "on the rail" the country's leading poker podcast. When not working in poker he has a successful career as a comedy writer with many TV credits to his name including Have I Got News For You and The Friday Night Project. In his spare time he enjoys film, relaxing with friends, taking long walks in the country, staring at the rain and writing short paragraphs about his career.

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living the dream....

Posted by Nick Wealthall
  • Wednesday, 24 June 2009 at 01:10 am

As I write this my plane to Vegas for the World Series leaves in 11 hours.


I have to write a poker article I haven’t started yet, I have about 4 money moves to sort out online and not only have I not packed a single thing my suitcase isn’t even out the airing cupboard.

It looks like I’ll be getting a completely pointless 2 hour sleep….which is roughly average for my night before rest on any Vegas trip.


It’s not as bad as it sounds – you sleep on the plane (and in the cab on the way to the airport and going through security) and arrive in that slightly spaced out state you’ll spend most of your time in during your stay.


I’ve been lucky enough to visit Vegas many times and spend a lot of time there. Ever since I first visited 15 years ago it’s been a unique place for me. It’s always felt incredibly comfortable and almost peaceful for me. It’s something that’s tough to describe as it’s a feeling more than anything else – while everyone else was saying how much they enjoyed visiting Vegas but it was a bit much after a while I was busy making my retirement plans there.

Not much has changed – I don’t get the same excitement about going as I used to but once I’m there it’s like slipping into a pair of comfortable slippers….that have neon on them.


This year I’m playing the World Series Main Event for the first time. I’ve tried many times to satellite in but have burned my way through a tonne of money and never made it. This year – with the help of Virgin Poker – I’m buying in so no chance of not playing.

When I play it’ll be weird as it’s been a dream to play it for so many years of poker playing. I’m sure a few hands in it’ll be just another poker tournament. I’m guessing there’ll be about 7000 runners so anything in the top 20 is acceptable


The great news is in the last two weeks I’ve been playing badly and running badly….so I’m heading out there with no form whatsoever!!

Oh well everyone knows the great ones have a bad dress rehearsal before the main event…. Please baby Jesus


I’ll talk to you again from the promised land


Play well – run better.

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